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Matatu Owners Association (MOA) is a Business Membership Organization (BMO) registered in Kenya by the Registrar of Societies as a Society under Section 10 of the Societies Act.

The association has been in operation since 2003.MOA was primarily formed to lobby and advocate on issues affecting owners of Matatus with the government and stakeholders and also provide an opportunity for its members to improve their economic and social status. MOA is a non-political organization and remains the voice of all the Matatu Owners.

  The Key functions of the association are;-

  • Encourage, promote and protect the interest of matatu owners in Kenya;
  • To lobby and advocate on its members in articulating issues affecting the industry through various forums with  Government or local authority or changes in by-laws, and traffic acts affecting the industry,
  • Settlement of disputes with local authorities / police
  • To empower members to own matatus and improve their livelihoods’ through wealth creation.
  • To promote road safety campaigns in order to reduce road carnage

MOA has been very active and has spearheaded many reforms in the transport sub sector. MOA is a voice to reckon with and has been instrumental in streamlining the sector and engaging the national government and county governments.

MOA was engaged in talks with the government on the proposed phasing out of the 14 seater Matatus to be replaced by 33 seater buses. A move that would have resulted in many owners being rendered jobless / unable to comply due to the capital investment required. MOA has also engaged the government in enhancing reforms in the Traffic Act such as Instant Ticketing for traffic offences which would significantly reduce graft. 

In the year 2010 MOA acquired 80% stake in INVESCO through its trading Company known as Public Transport Investment Company Ltd (PTICL). INVESCO is a specialist Insurance company whose customers are mainly drawn from the Passengers Services Vehicles (PSV) sector. INVESCO offers competitive rates to MOA members. MOA also launched the premier PSV News Magazine in 2010/2011 which has been a huge success evident by the income generated from advertisement space. This venture was funded by BAF.



MOA is a Business Membership Organization (BMO). The current mandate of the association is derived from the need to improve the transport sector and safety.

It is one of the largest Associations in the Country with a membership base of over 20,000 Matatus. MOA has two types of Categories for membership; Individual and Corporate Category. This sub sector has a direct impact to over 500,000 people who are drivers, touts, or employees of PSV Sacco’s and stage attendants. This is rough estimate, as it is difficult to ascertain the actual numbers in absence of accurate details available from regulatory authorities / related institutions.

In the year 2011, the Government introduced a new regulation requiring all Matatu to be registered under a PSV SACCO body; this is what is now referred to as Corporate Category in the membership structure. The sector has at least 500 PSV SACCOs across the country registered under the Ministry of Co-operative. MOA is also a member of KEPSA, the apex member association for private organizations.


The Competition

Indeed, other associations do exist which include Matatu Welfare Association (MWA), Mt Kenya Matatu Owners, and other associations; however the MOA has the largest membership and remains vocal and active.


Transport sub sector   

The sector is 100% owned by the private sector. It plays a critical role in the economy as it drives the economy through ferrying of workers. Transport is a key pillar in achieving Kenya’s vision 2030 and it contributes to the treasury through tax payments.

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