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Chairman's message

We celebrate our 11th anniversary this year with lots of promise and hope concerning the future of the industry. Matatu owners association last year staged an auspicious event at the K I C C to commemorate this fundamental milestone. This year 2014-2015  the same will be bettered and we bring along experienced stakeholeders and government agencies to improve the industry.


Indeed, the participation of various companies who have been our partners for a long time since inception, offered us the opportunities to determine the level of confidence they have placed on us as an association.

Considering all factors that have been at play since we set sail on the Kenyan market, it will not be an overstatement to say our growth has been gradual but steady. We may not be at the exact position we visualized when we set out, but the fruits of our labor over the years have been visible, at least by any measure. One of the achievements we are celebrating now is our ability to constantly but gradually self regulate. Over the years, we have learnt this important element of trade, and have moved with dedication and undivided commitments to ensure our members are responsible, and chaos is eradicated from the sector.

We have also been able to launch a countrywide campaign, which have been pivotal in enabling us to tackle issues such as road safety  and observing traffic rules .our members have not only grown in maturity, but have realized that we bear the greatest responsibility for the growth of the PSV sector.

In the 10 years, we have been able to grow from a make shift, rudderless and non-influential entity into an organization that has clear goals and objectives an outlined in our strategic plan. We have not only been able to finally get the government to listen, but we have found ourselves having to act as Important  bridge between the industry and the government, often sitting in several long-running meetings to deliberate matters concerning our sector and its growth.

We know that the journey to the full realization of our goals is far from over, and we know we have a crucial role to play in the transition that has been happening over this period of time. That is why we shall continue to petition the government to make the necessary adjustment to ensure the sector is not left behind. We do not want the sector to be synonymous with chaos as was the case in the past years. We are going to have streamlined every element of our activities and trade so that they can conform to some acceptable standards elsewhere on the globe

These celebrations are also a stark reminder of the industry in the years that have quietly slipped by. The years of anarchy, cartels and recklessness really weighed us down like a noose around the neck. We were vilified and considered as villains more than anything else. Our businesses suffered at the hands of crooked policemen keen to plunder us because of the reigning chaos.

Now that is a story long gone in our past and we look forward to another beautiful 10 years. I will thank everyone that has played a critical role in our growth, and extend a very warm hand of gratitude to our president, H.E. Hon. Uhuru Kenyatta for offering the industry a platform to address its plights through the right mechanisms and government organs. At least this far, matters have seemed to find a way to being resolved.

Kudos to everyone that came to celebrate with us at the KICC, and we wish you all the best in your various endeavors.


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