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MOA hosts successful exhibition

The region’s most authoritative umbrella body for Matatu owners has attained 10 years since inception in 2003. In a celebration that was marked by style and media blitz, the Matatu owners association (MOA) showed just why it has been able to built up over the years to become the most effective body in terms of policy, advocacy and lobbying for the Matatu industry.


Uchukuzi retirement scheme picks pace

Plans are on top gear to step up the effectiveness of the PSV retirement scheme known as uchukuzi  retirement/savings plan, which is aimed  at benefiting  most operators in the industry who are currently either non-pensionable, or have not pension scheme whatsoever.

The initiative, which is spearheaded by the Matatu owners association for its vast membership as well as potential  members, is expected to


First class travel now on our roads

The sitting arrangement on some of the luxury busses in East Africa is fashioned on the same lines as those of an aircraft. However there are three classes instead of two – the VIP, Business and Economy classes. But in a few buses, VIP and Economy classes are merged.

The VIP section comprises four seats located in the front of the bus. Those in the middle are packaged as business class while those at the rear are economy.


New PSV rules to be gazzetted

Kenya’s chaotic public transport system will have no individual investors when a new set of tough rules comes into effect later in the year.

The new rules restrict the issuance of Public Service Vehicle (PSV) licenses to companies that own at least five vans. The fresh set of regulations meant to reduce road carnage also demand that Matatu and bus drivers be employed on permanent and pensionable terms complete with insurance cover, annual leave and scheduled shifts.


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