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MOA hosts successful exhibition

The region’s most authoritative umbrella body for Matatu owners has attained 10 years since inception in 2003. In a celebration that was marked by style and media blitz, the Matatu owners association (MOA) showed just why it has been able to built up over the years to become the most effective body in terms of policy, advocacy and lobbying for the Matatu industry.

The 10 year anniversary featured and exhibition and a congress that sought to show the participants just how strong the industry is, and the numerous opportunities that are available for all and sundry to savour. Indeed during the anniversary celebration, which was graced by transport cabinet secretary Eng. Michael Kamau, it emerged that the Matatu industry, through MOA, had forged strong ties with the government and various authorities at large

Several companies

During the event, several companies including General Motors East Africa, Equity Bank, Randon East Africa, Retirements Benefits Authority, NHIF, Faulu Kenya, Engen Petroleum, CfC Bank, Invesco Insurance, among others, exhibited their products that are customized for the PSV sector Eng. Michael Kamau lauded MOA for its progressive approach to the growth agenda in the industry, noting that the in body had given the Matatu sector an opportunity  to be heard. His sentiments were echoed by the chairman of the Matatu Owners Association, Mr. Simon Kimutai. ”The 10th anniversary celebrations by MOA are an important mile stone in the journey that began shakily, but which has steadily gained traction over the years to position this lobby group on the regional talking platform “, he said. ”MOA has not only come along way, but has established itself as a voice for the Matatu industry. What began with just a few people has now become an institution. The pioneers of MOA have not only laid an important role in the growth of the industry but have also given stakeholders the chance to self regulate and overcome obstacles that had previously weighed down the sector.

As we celebrate the ten years that have gone by, we will commemorate this day in remembrance of the every stakeholder in the PSV sector who has labored and worked hard to see these fruits today. We applaud and recognize the profound nature of the contributions by different people who have helped shape MOA”.

Standing passengers

Eng . Kamau also said the government was working to bring into the market buses that would allow for standing  passengers .He noted that this would go against the Michuki  rules ,but which he said the government was seeking to review with the intention of removing parts of it that were  unfavourable to the industry’s growth.

Speaker after speaker informed delegates that MOA was gearing up for a strategic future full of investment and opportunities for its members, with calls for self regulation continuing to echo even louder.

It was unanimously agreed that as the lobby celebrates its 10th anniversary, members were going to seek to work harder to bring in new members-but with the intentions of transforming the industry into a platform for investment.

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